RSEM: rsem-prepare-reference with NCBI GenBank/GFF3 File

2017-06-01 gaoch
解决方案如下: […] 主要代码如下: bp_genbank2gff3 --GFF_VERSION 3 awk '$3!~/pseudo/' > file.rsem.gff # or more restrictly with only protein coding genes awk … 阅读全文 →

A Genbank –> GTF converter derived from BioPerl

2015-10-14 gaoch
𝔹ioPerl has a Genbank –> GFF converter (the script is, however, this converter generated GFF/GTF file could not work in Bioconductor when using the function maketxdbfromGFF to … 阅读全文 →

A Genbank to BED converter

2015-10-14 gaoch
𝕃ike the previous Genbank -> GTF converter, this script is also depended on BioPerl, so you need firstly get the module installed in your system (Install BioPerl). To check whether BioPerl is … 阅读全文 →